My husband wanted a date/family night this evening, so he chose dinner followed by a bookstore followed by the movie Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. If you don’t know, it was a book my husband and I read as children, so we were overly excited after spotting it in a local bookstore a few months ago. In line with my daughter’s interests, she read through the book within a couple of days, and she continued to read several of the tales to us. As you can imagine, we had a wonderful time, and our daughter made out like a bandit at the bookstore with several new additions to the bookshelves. Consequently, I found myself changing almost immediately once home, as we went to the latest showing tonight.  I mean, if popcorn doesn’t sprinkle out when you take you bra off, did you even go to the movies?  After a little laugh, I was surprised by my proceeding thoughts. 

I thought back to church as a kid when the pastor at my church stated marriage had several purposes, but the most important purpose was to model Christ and the church as a real-life representation of the trinity.  I never really understood this, and maybe I can attribute that to my age at the time along with immaturity in young adulthood. I would be hard-pressed to find anyone stating they perfectly understood omnipresence and omnipotence, and if I did find such a person, I would believe they were trying to deceive me; after all, the trinity is a mystery.

Perichoresis is a Greek word related to the relationship of the triune God. The word suggests a give and take between two people with a unified will. It speaks to the generosity and intimacy between two people, and I must admit the most intimate moments shared between my spouse and I have been the closest thing to home I’ve ever felt.

I often struggle to understand divinity, unable to understand what that might mean in any sense. According to the bible, that is the reason for marriage; to understand living and breathing, all-embracing mutuality represented by the human duality in marriage. Each member of our little family plays an important role; each role providing more or less at times allowing another to step in line. I’m overcome with a sense of peace and contentment after our evening together. This is my family, and these are my people, and sometimes 1+1=1. As difficult as it is for me to understand most days, sometimes 1+1=3.

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